Meditation: Naming

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  1. First ground and centre.
  2. Then mentally label everything you think of with a name.

It doesn’t matter if what you notice is an itch (itch) or a train of thought that leads to panic (thoughts). Just name ’em all.

It doesn’t matter what comes up; you just give it a name. (No verbs.)

It’s okay to repeat yourself; if you’re stressed, you’ll be quite likely to have repeating worries. You don’t need to deal with them now, just name them.

This meditation helps your mind to be calm.

Meditation is most useful when practised every day, even for short periods of time.

Dont worry if your mind strays. Just go back to the meditation as soon as you notice you have stopped.

Some days you may find this happens a lot, and some days it may happen less. Both are okay.

Just keep bringing yourself back into the meditation.

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