This set of pages is a skeleton for making a poetry collection with (or any type of collection, really). I made it for my own collected poems, which are not available online, altered it for a friend, then adapted it for more general purposes, in case anyone else wants to make similar pages.

The way it works is that you put each poem in a separate HTML file, then place links to them into the Author, Title, and First line files. When you click on the by Title link, the frame to the left displays the contents of the Title file, and when you click on a link in that frame, this frame displays the poem itself. The by Author and by First line links work the same way. Simple.

You're welcome to copy the source code for these pages (and the images light.jpg medium.jpg and dark.jpg) if you want to use them. I suggest you replace logo.jgp because it's really just a placeholder. I'd like it if you left the acknowledgement of my work in putting them together that is in the copyright note, but that's all. I'm not a professional programmer, and I make no guarantees that the pages will work for you. They work fine for me, but I'm not able to give any guarantees, so all I'm saying is that if you want to copy my pages, you're welcome.

You'll need basic HTML skills to do this (and you may want to try using NVU as well, which I think is a great program, although it won't edit index.html for me and it does crash very occasionally).

Saving and reusing these pages

  1. Save each of the files in this site to one folder. Put the image files in a subfolder titled 'images'. The files are:
  1. Edit the name, copyright note, and title only of the index.html file. The rest of this page should probably stay the same.
  2. Edit indexstyle.css to change text fonts or colours if you don't like serif fonts or black text.
  3. Edit the four images to change the page backgrounds and logo. The 'dark', 'medium', and 'light' files are all the same image, just with different brightness settings. I suggest playing with the hue and saturation, or putting in whole different images, just with the same names.
  4. Use the Save As function on the Poem.html page for each new poem, saving each poem under a different name. Type or paste the poem and anything else you want into each new poem page.
  5. Add links to the new poem pages into the Author.html Title.html and First_line.html pages. Change the author name and title of each of these pages, but not the file name. 
  6. Rewrite this introduction page to have your introduction and name instead of this text.
  7. If you write prose about the poems you post, you could add a cell to the table row with 'Essays' or a similar link, and make an Essays.html index page based on the Title.html page. Of course, you can use this framework for other purposes than poetry, if you want. It's pretty simple and fairly adaptable.

I'd be interested to hear whether you find these pages useful. As said, you do need a certain level of skill to make this work; the instructions here rely on your already being able to use HTML.

Maire Smith
Month 2006