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About A Girl

About A Girl was a 2005 exhibition featuring works by artists Maire Smith, Grant Buist, and Rachael Woolford. You can see the exhibition site featuring selections from the exhibition.

Maire's Home Page

Maire’s home page.

Michael's Home Page

Michael’s home page.

Paul's Home Page

Paul’s home page.


The Aro Valley Dance Group was a Middle-Eastern dance group active until 2006.

Rodger's Site

Rodger’s old home page and blog. You can find his current blog here.

Roundcube Webmail

diaspora.gen.nz mail users can use the Roundcube webmail client.

What's diaspora?

diaspora.gen.nz is a collection of sites and resources for a group of friends (and their families). It was launched at a time when most of us were moving overseas, hence the title.

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