About a Girl (Three Artists - One Model) new photographic and mixed-media works by Maire Smith, Grant Buist, and Rachel Woolford

new photographic and mixed-media works
by Maire Smith, Grant Buist, and Rachel Woolford

About a Girl is an exciting and unique exhibition made up of portraits of one model by three artists.

  • Maire Smith works in oil and other media on canvas – including an unusual combination of body paint, photography (with Kirsty O’Dowd), and oil painting – to create pictures that express her reactions to the model’s personality.
  • Grant Buist works with digitally enhanced photography to produce elegant, deceptively simple images reminiscent of the work of Aubrey Beardsley.
  • Rachel Woolford re-directs techniques she’s developed for still-life and nature photography to explore human form and character, producing sensitive works that explore the model's interaction with her environment.

The exhibition as a whole provides a fascinating illustration of how different artists can react to one source of inspiration, as well as recording the changes in the artists’ perceptions of the model over time as they have interacted with her in the second half of 2004 and early 2005.

Viewing and purchasing works

Works can be viewed here on the website (click on the artists' names or just scroll down and click on the images) or in person at the Mezzo Gallery in Wellington, New Zealand. Information about each work can be found by clicking on the thumbnail image of the work.

Mezzo Gallery (first floor, Wellington Central Public Library, New Zealand)
Opening: 5 pm, Saturday 12 March 2005
Hours: 10–6 daily (closed Sundays), 14–31 March 2005

To purchase any of the works, email the artists or call them on +64 (0)21 152 2859.

When a work has been purchased, this will be noted on the information page for that work. Works may be collected in person by their purchasers or will be shipped (at cost) to their new owners.

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